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MSMEG_0392 Data

Gene Information

Gene Locus Rv Start Stop Strand
MSMEG_0392 - Rv1524 441687 443201 minus

Protein Information

Protein Name Protein Product Length (Amino Acids)
glycosyl transferase family protein YP_884805.1 504

Essentiality Data

Original Call New Call Comments
Non-essential - Could be D? low hits 5 end, high at 3'

Knockout Information

No confirmed knockout strain

Dendra Information

Dendra Plasmid Strain Status Plate Well
pMSMEG_0392.dendra Confirmed MSR1 E9

CRISPRi Information

CRISPRi Plasmid Name sgRNA Sequence
pMSMEG_0392.sgRNA gatataatctgggaGCCCGAACCGCATACTCGGGTCgtttttgtactcga

Protein Localization Images

Composite 1 Composite 2 Summary Plot

Heatmap Thumbnail Spherocylindrical Projection Density Plot Demograph

Detailed Data Spreadsheet

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Not tested for Biofilm Formation

No Colony Morphology Data