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Below is a list of all genes tested for biofilm formation mutants. Each is classified as either "Mutant" or "Wild Type" with regard to biofilm formation. Genes that do not appear on this list have not yet been tested. Mutants are listed first by default.

Gene Biofilm Classification Locus Rv Protein Name Protein Product Image
MSMEG_1342 Mutant - Rv0637 (3R)hydroxyacylACP dehydratase subunit HadC YP_885730.1
MSMEG_2760 Mutant - Rv2702 polyphosphate glucokinase YP_887091.1
MSMEG_1824 Mutant - Rv3267 LytR family transcriptional regulator YP_886195.1
MSMEG_5439 Mutant - Rv1009 resuscitationpromoting factor RpfB YP_889678.1
MSMEG_5256 Mutant uppS Rv1086 UDP diphosphate synthase YP_889502.1
MSMEG_5265 Mutant - Rv1079 cystathionine gammasynthase YP_889511.1
MSMEG_6363 Mutant - Rv3778c cysteine desulfurase YP_890577.1
MSMEG_5534 Mutant pcrA Rv0949 ATPdependent DNA helicase PcrA YP_889771.1
MSMEG_5487 Mutant - Rv0982 sensor histidine kinase YP_889725.1
MSMEG_4323 Mutant aceE Rv2241 pyruvate dehydrogenase subunit E1 YP_888598.1
MSMEG_0240 Wild Type - Rv0201c hypothetical protein MSMEG_0240 YP_884655.1
MSMEG_0339 Wild Type - FMNdependent monooxygenase YP_884752.1
MSMEG_0769 Wild Type metZ Rv0391 Osuccinylhomoserine sulfhydrylase YP_885175.1
MSMEG_0775 Wild Type - Rv0406c metallobetalactamase superfamily protein YP_885181.1
MSMEG_0739 Wild Type - Rv0380c spou rRNA methylase YP_885145.1
MSMEG_0382 Wild Type - transporter YP_884795.1
MSMEG_0559 Wild Type - hypothetical protein MSMEG_0559 YP_884970.1
MSMEG_0576 Wild Type - MmpL4 protein YP_884987.1
MSMEG_0674 Wild Type - ErfK/YbiS/YcfS/YnhG family protein YP_885083.1
MSMEG_0539 Wild Type - Crp/Fnr family transcriptional regulator protein YP_884950.1