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Below is a list of all genes tested for biofilm formation mutants. Each is classified as either "Mutant" or "Wild Type" with regard to biofilm formation. Genes that do not appear on this list have not yet been tested. Mutants are listed first by default.

Gene Biofilm Classification Locus Rv Protein Name Protein Product Image
MSMEG_1132 Wild Type - Rv0561c FAD binding domaincontaining protein YP_885526.1
MSMEG_1205 Wild Type - cyclopropanefattyacylphospholipid synthase YP_885597.1
MSMEG_0970 Wild Type - Rv0525 phosphoglycerate mutase YP_885372.1
MSMEG_1103 Wild Type - Rv0553 Osuccinylbenzoate synthase YP_885498.1
MSMEG_0949 Wild Type - Rv0505c HADsuperfamily hydrolase YP_885352.1
MSMEG_1597 Wild Type - Rv3416 transcription factor WhiB YP_885976.1
MSMEG_1605 Wild Type phoU phosphate transporter regulatory protein PhoU YP_885984.1
MSMEG_1603 Wild Type - Rv3410c inosine 5monophosphate dehydrogenase YP_885982.1
MSMEG_1604 Wild Type - Rv3409c FAD dependent oxidoreductase YP_885983.1
MSMEG_1583 Wild Type groEL Rv3417c molecular chaperone GroEL YP_885962.1
MSMEG_0539 Wild Type - Crp/Fnr family transcriptional regulator protein YP_884950.1
MSMEG_0436 Wild Type - Rv0264c allophanate hydrolase subunit 1 YP_884849.1
MSMEG_0636 Wild Type - Rv0310c hypothetical protein MSMEG_0636 YP_885046.1
MSMEG_1829 Wild Type - Rv3262 F4200gammaglutamyl ligase YP_886199.1
MSMEG_1832 Wild Type - Rv3259 hypothetical protein MSMEG_1832 YP_886202.1
MSMEG_0913 Wild Type - Rv0469 methoxy mycolic acid synthase 1 YP_885316.1
MSMEG_1821 Wild Type - Rv3274c acylCoA dehydrogenase YP_886192.1
MSMEG_1936 Wild Type - Rv3207c hypothetical protein MSMEG_1936 YP_886302.1
MSMEG_1476 Wild Type sppA Rv0724 signal peptide peptidase SppA, 67K type YP_885858.1
MSMEG_0220 Wild Type - Rv0183 monoglyceride lipase YP_884635.1